Social Media Services

Custom Packages Available

Strategy & Planning

For Your Social Media

Let us put together a plan complete with a solid system to get results on social media

Once upon a time you could simply add your business to Facebook, get a bunch of “likes” and share your story and products or services with them. Well, let me tell you, those days are long gone.

Today Social Media has evolved into a massive marketing opportunity that now requires some serious thought and some planning. Thanks to algorithms that limit your posts’ reach and new platforms popping up constantly it’s become much harder to reach the people you need to.

What We’ll Cover

 Evaluate & Eliminate

We will look at what platforms you are currently on, how you are using them and what ones we should eliminate or add based on your demographic and the time you have to commit to social media.

Goal Setting

You may think you know what your goals are, to make more money, right?! Not entirely true, the goals are more specific than that and can help you better reach your audience when you know what you want them to do.


We will walk through the platform and talk about all of the features available to you and then determine which ones are best for your business to take advantage of.

Content Creation

One of the hardest parts of maintaining social media accounts is figuring out what to post. We will work together to create a solid resource list and some evergreen topic ideas that will help you keep your accounts updated regularly with relevant content.

Platform Optimization

It’s important that your profile is filled out correctly but also with your goals in mind. We will work together to make sure your profiles look and function at their best. (Graphic design not included but available)

Social media management

Hand over one platform or all of them

Daily management is our jam! Let us use our tested systems to keep content flowing…


Whether you’re finally ready to start handing off tasks or looking for someone to run and grow your social media ship, we’ve got you covered.

Not only is creating and rounding up content, scheduling posts and answering questions a lot to take on, especially when you’ve got a lot of other things to manage, you need a team that is also learning and evolving with the changing algorithms, new features, and what your audience is responding to. What are some of the ways we can help you grow? 

Daily Management Includes:

Content Creation & Calendar

Leave the creating content and curating resources to us. We will determine how many posts per week is best for your business and our systems will make it easier to give us what we need to create quality engaging content. We will use the content calendar we create monthly to keep content focused. This does not include the creation of TikToks or Instagram Reels. Ask about those when we chat, we’ve got you covered!

Post Scheduling 

We make sure content is flowing regularly using native features and some of our favorite tools to optimize when and where your content is seen.

Reporting & Goal Setting

Results are something we all want but without some solid goals and data it can be hard to make it happen. Each month we’ll provide a monthly report and some goals for the following month.

Community Management & Engagement

People ask a lot of questions. We can be the first responder and work with you to get any additional information that may be needed to get the answers to questions. We will spend time each week engaging with your target audience on your posts and on theirs.

Instagram Stories, Reels & Highlights

If you’re asking yourself what Instagram Highlights are then you’re in the right place! We will work with you to give you action steps to make the most of Instagram’s most popular new features while we work to create content that makes sense for your business.

All of our packages are customizable.

We will chat and make a plan based on your needs and budget!

Rates are per platform and will vary based on the specific platform and the tasks we take on.

Instagram Reels & Tiktok

Let us spot the trends, script the videos, edit and even film!

Do you want all the benefits of Reels or TikTok without all the fuss? Let us help, here’s how…

As a business owner your time is valuable and while Reels and TikToks are fun to watch and make, they take up A LOT of that time!

We have created a system that allows us to do the trend spotting, figure out how to adapt the trends to your audience, create the entire script, and we can even film it for you!

Here is a look at how it works:


Reels & tiktok creation include

Monthly Reels or TikTok Script

Starting at $300/mo

We will take the trend spotting and the work to translate the trends to your niche off your plate each month with a Reel specific content calendar.  

This Includes :

  • Trend spotting to identify new trends and sounds
  • Using those trends to provide a content calendar with 3 Reel scripts per week
    • Reel Scripts include:
      • Link to inspiration video to see the trend
      • Instructions for setting up shots if anything specific is needed
      • Time stamps for using timers if needed
      • Copy
      • + More!

Reel or Tiktok Editing 

Starting at $700/mo

 If you don’t want to be the one to add the copy to the Reels or TikToks to get things ready to post, we can also handle that for you!

This includes the Reel/TikTok Month of Scripts plus:

  • Adding the copy to the reels in the correct places
  • Making sure draft is ready to go for posting
  • Proving review instructions for posting if needed

Reel or Tiktok Filming & Done for You Service

Starting at $1000/mo

 Let us take care of all of the filming, editing, planning and trend spotting! We will provide you with complete and edited Reels or Tiktoks every month!

Influencer Management

A management service for Influencers ready to grow

Are you an Influencer ready to get back to just creating the content? Let us do the rest!

As an influencer your time is valuable and should be spent on creating the content only you can create.

If you are finding yourself spending more time in your inbox than creating content for your followers you are likely ready to get some support!

Let us handle all of it for you so you can have a dedicated manager to take care of your partnership requests, content deadlines & calendars, brand research and outreach, daily engagement and a whole lot more!

Bundle & Save or

Customize a Package


Influencer Management include

Partnership Management

Starting at $850/mo

Curating a feed full of products and services that truly speak to the audience that has grown to trust you is a full time job. Let us take on the day-to-day of working with brands and reaching out to the ones you know your audience would love to know more about!

This includes:

  • Manage the brand partner content calendar and monitor all deadlines
  • Research new brand opportunities weekly that fit your unique audience 
  • Weekly outreach to brands for collaboration
  • Follow up emails weekly
  • Responding to new requests for partnerships
  • Creating and managing a custom press list

    Content Calendar Creation

    Add-on Starting at $157/mo

    In addition to adding partnership deadlines to your content calendar we can work on creating your entire content calendar based on priorities, your month ahead, partnership deadlines and content pillars so you have a pre-planned roadmap to maximize your time!

    This is an add on to our service that includes:

    • Work together to create a monthly content calendar
    • Add all partnership content deadlines
    • Strategic content ideas based on targeted partners
    • Add content suggestions based on our influencer strategy
    • Include seasonal & trending content suggestions


    Starting at $650/mo

    Your community is the heart of your business and spending time making them feel seen and responding as often as possible not only better supports your community, it makes the social media platforms you call home want to share more of your content with it’s users! 

    Some of the ways we support engagement include:

    • Check and respond to all comments and DMs up to 5x week
    • Follow up to make sure questions and comments are answered
    • Engage with your follower’s posts & posts in niche hashtags daily (m-f)
    • Trend spotting and content suggestions
    • Follow & Unfollow accounts as needed 
    • Work to improve engagement rate (rate included in reporting) 
    • Engaging with partner prospects

    Content Creation & Scheduling 

    Starting at $650/mo

    If you are ready to get support scheduling, planning, curating, and repurposing your content we can take that off your plate as well! We know your content is the reason your followers trust you and only you can be the face and the voice of what you share so we can support you by doing the heavy lifting!

    Some of the things we can include are:

    • Collecting & curating all images from you & sourcing any stock content needed monthly
    • Photo editing for consistency and aesthetic
    • Create templates, social media graphics & carousels monthly
    • Schedule content
    • Hashtag research 

    Influencer Campaigns

    A plan for working with Influencers

    Do you want to get your brand, products or services into the hands of Influencers? 

    Working with influencers is a fantastic way to reach new audiences and create valuable content at the same time. It can feel overwhelming doing it alone because of just how many people there are and all of the moving pieces.

    How do you know which influencers to choose? Are their rates fair? Will they actually post about you and provide what they say? What kinds of things should you be providing to get the most out of your investment?

    Let us handle all of it for you! We will be working with a variety of micro influencers (think 10k-50k followers!) with a reputation for delivering and worry about reaching out to some of the larger influencers if we decide that is the best plan.


    Campaign packages include

    Identifying Key Influencers

    We have a growing list of influencers in a variety of niches to share with you. We are also always on the hunt for quality influencers for our clients.

    Objective Planning

    Once we identify the best influencers for our campaign we will outline some key objectives to help us reach our goals and create content.

    Influencer Relationship Management

    Let us manage ongoing monthly relationships with the influencers that produce quality results and content.

    Monthly Campaigns

    Whether you want to do a single campaign or create a monthly program for working regularly we influencers we can manage it all for you.


    While ROI isn’t always a clear number we will provide data and analysis of your campaigns to see what’s working and where to improve.


    More than just a social network

    If traffic to your website or original content is your goal then Pinterest is a great place to invest your time.

    Pinterest is not really a social network, it’s more of an incredible visual search engine. Leave it to us to manage the regular content, pinning, analysis, and all of the tools used to manage Pinterest so you don’t have to. 

    If you’re still thinking of Pinterest as just a place to save recipes, DIY projects or plan a wedding then you’re missing out. This platform has evolved into so much more and now includes video pins, more ways to reach people and covers all kinds of niches and content. 


    Pinterest Management

    Daily Pinning

    Get your content and account updated daily with up to 50 pins per day.

    Custom Pin Images

    Let us create unique beautiful pin images for all of your old and new content. We can also create templates to hand off to you at any time!

    Tailwind Tribes

    Participating in Tailwind Tribes is a great way to boost your reach and repins as well as source quality content to share.


    Each month we will review what’s working and where we can improve to keep hitting our goals.

    Get Started

    I’m looking forward to chatting with you! Tell me quickly about how I can help and we will have a quick call to figure out what works best for your business and budget. If you don’t see a service or package that you’re looking for we can always customize something. Talk soon!