Social Media Blueprint
The Ultimate System For
 Managing Your Social Media

Because who doesn't want to save a TON of time while
having ridiculously effortless social media?

Are you a busy entrepreneur that finds yourself...

  • Spending way.too.much.time trying to figure out where you left off (like 18 open browser tabs later) & what to do next instead of checking social media tasks off your to-do lists- and getting back to the things that light you up?
  • Are you overwhelmed with all of the social media strategies you keep reading about but have no idea how to implement a single one?!
  • Do you just wish you had a system with daily checklists to tell you WHAT to do and WHEN to do it? Like your own personal social media crystal ball <<--- Um, yes please!

Start saving time TODAY!

In this course, I'm giving you my full social media dashboard + management system designed to organize & prioritize all of your weekly tasks so that you can get OH, SO MUCH MORE done in less time! Or, even better, easily hand it all off to your assistant! <<---- WINNING.

If you are in the small business world & you don't have a system yet, you NEED Kaitlyn. I saw the strengths & weaknesses in my business when she showed me how to make everything simple.

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Kim Bost
High Vibe Home

" I love the Trello Board! It helped me see what holes I needed to be filling throughout my social media and provides a good framework of what I should be covering each week as well as a way to organize it. I like having everything right there in a dashboard!"

Julie Painter
Events by Jules

"This system (if you put in the work!) can truly help you get in front of all the social media you need to keep up with. Personally, I don't use Trello, so I'll be implementing it for Asana and I was still able to follow along!"

There's no shame in answering yes, you're not alone!

I'll walk you through the setup of my custom Trello board (and give you a Trello 101 if needed!) to help you create daily checklists with a workflow that makes sense for you and the amount of time you have to spend on it.

This lovely tool is perfect for busy business owners looking to manage their social media with a simple to use system or for someone that wants a no-brainer program to hand off to their Virtual Assistant or employees!

Are you a newbie social media manager? Or maybe you've been in the game for years? No matter how long you've been at it, my Social Media Blueprint is a solid system to easily manage your client workflows!

In this course you'll learn how to:

Determine How Much Time
To Spend On Social Media

Walk through my worksheet and lesson to determine how much time you actually have to set aside for your social media tasks each week. *You'll find time you never knew you even had... pinky swear!*

Create a Master Task List & How To Break Those up Throughout the Week

Your Trello board includes recommended weekly tasks for each platform and comes with a pre-populated master task list for you to customize! *Gamechanger*

Set Up a Social Media Dashboard

I'll walk you through your personal Trello board to teach you how to easily organize important information, making sure you never miss a beat or lose a file!

Create Repeatable Processes

Use my pre-populated (read: effortless) checklists of what to do when you publish a blog post and the steps to take during a pre-launch or launch period for your newest products + services. Or, create your own as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You must begin to create routines around the tasks you should be doing each week.

  • Save time with easy to follow check lists
  • Set up procedures around your social media tasks
  • Get through things in half the time
  • Easily hand tasks off to your own assistant or employees

What's Inside...

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Oh, trust me, I get it… you’re thinkin’ “what makes her the go-to gal”, right?

Well… I’m Kaitlyn! A wife, mama, newbie gardener- and I might be a bit obsessed with all things tech + social!

For starters, I was kinda the girl doing the blogging thing… before blogging was a thing.

→ I definitely saw the proverbial writing on the (chatroom) wall in the years leading up to this super, crazy social world we basically do #allthethings in today.

→ I like to get my geek-tastic, happy dance on when new programs and platforms are being introduced- and sometimes, I even have an inside look before their launched.

→ I love working with small businesses looking to grow their social presence, but, ahem… small #humblebrag… I’ve also worked with some pretty well-known companies too, like: What to Expect When You’re Expecting <<---- <3

→ My course doesn’t just throw “10 top tips” at you and then moonwalk away… I help you to ORGANIZE, PLAN, AND ATTACK your social media.

→ I’ll show you where to start and break it down visually… CUE THE TRELLO BOARDS… to help you manage your social in ways that make sense with your own lifestyle- inside and outside of work.

→ I’ve been happily doing this for OVER 7 YEARS - but now I want to give you the tools to streamline your own social success!

Bonuses Include: